What is Child Support

The core plan of this project is to support very poor families, especially those who cannot educate their children due to lack of money. The denial of a child's basic right to education only because of monetary difficulties is surely a gross injustice. Outreach - Child Support is a positive reaction to this situation. The intended beneficiaries of this project are students upto Class 12 from different South Asian countries, who will be supported with a financial aid of at least USD10 - 15 per month depending on the need and context. In some cases, it can be more as per the assessed need. The idea is to accompany them in their journey of education with a wider intention of a holistic development of their identity.

How Sponsorship works

The beneficiaries will be identified after a screening process. Volunteers will be allocated to each area to oversee the beneficiaries. Subsidiary bank accounts will be created for each beneficiary and each month the contribution will be transferred to their respective accounts from the main Outreach account. The beneficiary can withdraw his monthly scholarship from his account each month.

Child Privacy Protection

The privacy of the beneficiary will be strictly maintained. However the basic details of the Child being sponsored will be disclosed to the benefactors.

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